I have never felt more empowered or supported than when Kesha was by my side.  Debra C.

Kesha helped us with everything from our baby registry to our postpartum planning.

Cecile M.

I am so glad we joined Blended Baileys Fertility program. 

Shelly Z.

I am so glad we decided to trust our gut and hire Kesha. She not only supported me, but my husband too.

Suzanna A.

"Kesha's advice and information on infertility is the main reason I now have my baby boy. I have her on speed dial always"

Natali G.

My birth didn't go as planned. I was in labor for days. I just couldn't go on any more. Kesha supported me through it all, even when I gave in and got the epidural. 

Mandi L.

"My hearts desire was a natural unmedicated birth. Kesha helped me create a birth plan that fulfilled my wishes. She also set realistic expectations and prepared me for the unexpected possibilities. Because of her, my birth was spectacular!"

Heather T. 

"I struggled with infertility for years and continue to struggle. Kesha was able to guide my conversations with my doctors so that I was able to get real answers. I'm still fighting, but with her by side, I'm confident a baby is in our future."

Tamara S.

I was struggling to breastfeed. My baby wasn't gaining weight like the doctor wanted. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to keep up with my baby's demands. Kesha settled all my fears and coached me through all my doubts. We are now 1 year strong with no end in sight.

Tameka K.

"I wouldn't do six weeks post partum without Kesha ever again."

Ashely T.

 "Kesha's support through labor and delivery was unmatched."  

Kelly M.

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